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Vicky Vixx on new AVN Stars platform: ‘It’s a company that we trust, and they won’t turn their backs on us’

Fetish model, producer, dominatrix, webcam model Vicky Vixx

Fetish model, producer, dominatrix, webcam model Vicky Vixx joins the Sean Green Show to talk about AVN Stars, a new social media site created by the adult industry to provide a safe space for content creators to promote their brand without fear of getting banned. Vicky also discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has affected her life personally.

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Consumer Product Marketing Manager at Kaspersky Lab North America

Brett Schetzsle explains how to properly choose the right virus protection program for your various devices.

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April 7, 2015; 13 minutes and 22 seconds

Air Force Amy, working girl at the Bunny Ranch

A working girl at the world famous Bunny Ranch and part of the cast of HBO’s Cathouse, Air Force Amy weighs in on why privacy has diminished in unconventional relationships. She and Sean also discuss how social media and technology has affected her work place and relationships in general. Plus some Bunny Ranch stories.
Aired May 28, 2014, 18:30 minutes.