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Owner of Nerdblock and of Shirt Punch

Russ Montague & Sean sum up Geek culture in 2014.  Russ gives his reaction to the Ant man trailer. Russ talks about his skepticism of the Agent Carter mini-series that airs on ABC. Russ gives us a preview of what we can expect from the Nerd Block franchise in 2015.

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January 7, 2015; 14 minutes and 04 seconds

Owner of Nerdblock and Shirt Punch

Russ Montague talks about Marvel’s recent movie announcement. Russ expresses his shock of Marvel’s movie itinerary. Sean and Russ discuss the comic book tv shows currently on air; like: The Flash, The
Arrow, Gotham, Agents of Shield and Constantine. Russ talks about this past months Nerd Block. Nerd block teamed up with Bruce Campbell. Russ gives us a preview of this upcoming Nerd Block.

November 3, 2014; 8 minutes and 37 seconds