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Review Editor at Electronic Gaming Monthly

Ray Carsillo previews the  2015 New York Comic Con. Ray discusses the things he expects to see such as: Street Fighter 5 from Capcom, Square Enix and EA titles. Ray reviews Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, Super Mario Maker, Rainbow Six Siege Beta, Zombi and Destiny The Taken King.

You can visit Ray Carsillo’s website at: Raycarsillo.com
You can read some of Ray’s reviews at: EGMNow.com
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October 6, 2015; 15 minutes and 59 seconds

CEO of Fetch! Pet Care

Paul Mann talks about  pets being depressed during the holidays. Sean talks to Paul about how his cat acts out and wants to know if he is depressed.

Website:  www.FetchPetCare.com
Twitter: @FetchPetCare

November 24, 2014;  8 minutes and 01 seconds