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Senior Editor at: Buddy Tv and Television Guru

John Kubicek gives his reaction to Lady Gaga announcement that she will be joining American Horror Story season 5  and the recent Dancing with the stars cast announcement. John gives us the premise of the NBC show: The Slap. Sean wants to know the difference between NBC’s program: The Allegiance vs FX’s series: The Americans. John explains why NBC is failing in the ratings. John and Sean weigh in on the ABC series: Agent Carter.

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February 25, 2015; Duration 13 minutes and 47 seconds

Owner of Nerdblock and of Shirt Punch

Russ Montague & Sean sum up Geek culture in 2014.  Russ gives his reaction to the Ant man trailer. Russ talks about his skepticism of the Agent Carter mini-series that airs on ABC. Russ gives us a preview of what we can expect from the Nerd Block franchise in 2015.

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January 7, 2015; 14 minutes and 04 seconds

Managing Editor at Movies.com and Contributing Editor at Fandango.com

Erik Davis gives his thoughts of the: Seth Rogan and James Franco film-The Interviewer. Erik weighs in on the pros and cons of releasing the Interviewer on line. Sean and Erik talk about the recently released Ant Man trailer. Erik also discusses the upcoming Netflix release: of Marvel’s Dare Devil. Erik reviews: Taken 3, Salem and American Sniper.

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January 7, 2015; 8 minutes and 34 seconds