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Product Manager of Gameshow

Tom Prehn Discusses: Game Show, The Latest Video Game Streaming Software Announced at The 2015 Twitch Con.

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September 25, 2015; 15 minutes and 03 seconds

Review Editor at Electronic Gaming Monthly

Ray Carsillo joins Sean to talk video games. This week Ray discusses Spike Lee directing career mode for NBA2K16. Ray explains why Spike directing career mode will breathe new life in the series. Sean asks Ray about the recent story about Game Fly entering into the video game streaming business. Ray explains why Game Fly is making this leap and how they will be able to stream the games to the consumer. The very first: Video Game Hall of Fame is discussed. Ray explains how games are chosen & what games will be inducted into this hall of fame. This Week Ray Reviews: Ultra Street Fighter 4 for the playstation 4 & talks about the controversy behind it’s release. Ray also reviews Nintendo’s Splatoon.

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June 08, 2015; Duration: 17 minutes and 49 seconds

Product Manager of Wirecast

Tom Prehn discusses the history of streaming and the benefits of: Wirecast streaming software by Telestream.

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March 17, 2015; 15 minutes and 23 Seconds

Senior Editor at: Buddy Tv and Television Guru

John Kubicek gives his thoughts on: House of Cards on Netflix. John feels seasons three of the series is coming together. Sean wonders if HBO streaming will affect shows like House of Cards on Netflix.  John talks about the changes that some companies are doing to curve the binge watching of streams.  John tells us what we can expect in the next few weeks on: Vampire Diaries, Arrow and The Flash. The new series IZombie is reviewed by John.

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March 11, 2015; Duration 11 minutes and 23 seconds